do you guys ever wonder why the students at hogwarts are afraid of the shrieking shack because its “haunted” when they literally go to school with ghosts


Because there’s a big difference between Nearly Headless Nick who makes pleasant conversation with you over dinner and the blood chilling screams, howling, window panes shaking and the sound of clawing on the doors. It’s not the haunting thats scary, its what you’re haunted by.

Guess who’s going whale watching AND swimming with dolphins….


Also, my accomodation in Kaikoura is at this awesome looking place where one of the dorm rooms HAS HOBBIT HOLE BEDS. I kid you not.

So the doggie I’m looking after is scared of thunderstorms.

Guess what we’re having right now.


That would be thunder right there.


House/doggie sitting for a couple of days! Yay! Dog keeps freaking me out by making random noises (moving around the house) and I’m used to quiet kitty paws not making much noise!

I also failed at making dinner. Twice. I blame not knowing what was in the cupboards and not knowing the microwave strength.

Also not sure where the heater is.

Oh yeah, this is gonna go well…..