I just started doing some writing for this website and this is my first article! I’m pretty excited about it, and they’ve got some really informative pieces, so I totally suggest checking out the page!

Great article, dear!

Welp. There goes my laptop cable. Hopefully I can find a replacement in town, otherwise Im saying goodbye to the laptop for a little while.
Not really something I want to have to deal with, post poto blues is bad enough.

An Eagle’s Surprise


Summary: Joly, Musichetta, and the Amis throw Bossuet a surprise birthday party. Somehow, Enjolras is convinced to help decorate, and there is wine, chocolate cake, and paper eagles hanging everywhere. Canon era. This is a belated birthday present for my lovely friend diminutive-fox. Happy birthday darling! :)

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AHHHHHHHHHH Thank you lovely once again for writing me a thing! I’m so blessed to have such lovely freinds!

HTTYD 2 …… somebody talk dragons with me