if you don’t clap when the cast points up to the booth, tech crew judges you. you can’t see us, but we can see you. we can see you not clapping. and we judge you from above. 

All the love to those many unseen hands who make it possible for the people on-stage to do what they do.
Shout out to the poto stage crew who always clap for us from behind the wings, it’s so encouraging! Even though you give us so much s**** backstage.

Phantom Blogging

We have two performances left. I am unhappy about this.

So is Raoul.


Anonymous whispered: *psst* *second important announcement* is it Hamish

Hello again anon….erm…I’m not sure I know where you’re going with this, although I have my suspicions, and if this is about what I think it’s about then no, not Hamish.

Anonymous whispered: Compliment anon here: look at YOU frolic in the stars!

Well, I guess the stars are still there even in the daytime…

Anonymous whispered: You were amazing tonight!!! I may or may not have now come four times :P it is my life...

THANK YOU lovely anon person!! I’m super glad you enjoyed the show!
I’ll admit to being more than a little curious to know who you are….no pressure though if you want to stay anon, I understand, revealing your tumblr to someone you (probably) know irl is not something done lightly. However, you do have me somewhat at a disadvantage here….

Birthday Happenings

Alright so the birthday has been and gone, but when I tried to blog about it nearer to the time, tumblr decided to have a moment and give me that annoying little error msg. So. Here we go again.

It all began with waking up and being excited that yes, this was the day I could open those parcels and envelopes!
I made myself some breakfast and opened up all the cards waiting for me, made a start on the presents, (including some rather excellent parcels form my dear ones back home!) then, before I could get too into that, was whisked away to the mountain to go play in the snow!

The lovely McVey family and I trekked a little way up into the snow line where we sledded and built a snow cat. A snowman was just too mainstream.

We then attempted to light the candles on the cake that they had made for me but the wind was having none of it so we gave up and just ate some cake anyway.

Lunch took place at Volcano View cafe - which as the name suggests has a lovely view of the mountain. I should really have gone for a pancake but was hungry so had a huge burger instead. Thus began the feeling of haivng eaten far too much which stayed with me for pretty much the rest of the day.

I then had a little time at home to finish opening presents and to chill out a bit before meeting with the other ladies in the POTO ensemble for dinner and a show. With the bonus being that we got to be in the show. While we were ordering dinner our Phantom walks in like ‘Oh hai….’ and I got a very nice birthday hug from him. The dude is 6ft something and so I was basically en pointe but it was a nice hug nontheless.

Then it was time to go to the theatre and get ready for the show! I have never had happy birthday sung to me quite so beautifully as the cast did it during vocal warmups! Lots of hugs were given and a general fuss was made. Another cake appeared by my section of the dressingroom also which was awesome!

The performance that night was awesome! Lots of energy, really great responsive audience, I just soaked up the feeling of how cool it was to get to do POTO on my birthday with such lovely people - if you can’t spend your birthday with freinds and family, I suggest getting a theatre family.

After the show we headed back to the NPOS rooms for the POTO Skit Night. Various groups of people from the cast and crew had put together some comedy skits - there was free drinks and pizza (which I declined, being rather well fed already) It was hilarious! Such larks!

All in all, a pretty darn good birthday!

Anonymous whispered: *psst* *important announcement* jesse?? Is it?? ///if it is you'll know what I mean\\\ **disappears into the mist**

…..if this is in reference to my latest picture…..yeeeessss…. if not then no, I have no idea whatcha talkin’ bout mysterious anon.

Anonymous whispered: I want to revolution. Teach me how to revolution.